Tennis Rules & General Information

The latest Rules & Useful Information are available to download from here.   A printed copy of these rules is sent out with the annual membership renewal letter in April.

Please click here for the 2015 AGM minutes.

19th Feb update to rules from Tennis Committee

Amendments to Court booking and Coaching rules:

1)  Court Bookings – following members' feedback, the tennis committee have considered the 7 days in advance booking rule and the time that courts are able to be booked from.

For the remainder of the indoor season we will be trialling a new booking time of 10pm on the 8th day in advance. This means courts can be booked 2 hours earlier in advance than the current situation. This will be introduced on Monday 22nd February meaning courts for Tuesday March 1st can be booked from 10pm on Monday 22nd.  

2)  Coaching and Court Booking Board - with the introduction of the court booking board, under the current coaching rules a float coach may book a lesson on a court as long as at least one court is left free for members.

If this court has been booked on the court booking board, the coach will be allowed to complete their 1 hour lesson before being asked to vacate their court if no other courts are available.

The rules will be added to the updated Tennis Section rules in May 2016.