Kit for Seniors and Juniors

All club kit and all other general cricket kit is available from our kit supplier AJ Fordham Sports.  It may be bought online or at one of their shops:

 Click Here to access AJ Fordham Sports Online Shop 

or visit

AJ Fordham Sports, 81-85 Robinhood Way, Kingston, Surrey, SW15 3PW, or

61 Broomwood Road, London SW11 6HU

Junior Kit:

Please note that the only Club specific items required are a shirt and cap.  All other kit is standard cricket whites for both boys and girls.  Please ensure all your kit is named as it all looks the same!  

All Stars do not require a club shirt as they will receive an All Stars T-shirt.  Caps may be purchased from the club.

For the younger age groups the children do not need their own equipment but as they get older and play more both at school and at the club it is better for them to have their own equipment:  Helmet, bat, box, batting gloves, pads, cricket ball - please ensure these are all clearly named.

Most sports shops will help with bat sizing but for you reference here is a guide to the correct bat size: