U6-U15:  Please note there are waiting lists for boys in most age groups, but no waiting lists for girls.  Before emailing please ensure you have read through the Junior Information Pack so that you have all the info regarding our junior programme. If our programme suits you please email lindi@TWCsport.co.uk   

U5 (Reception school year): Registration for our youngest age group - U5s - is via the ECB All Stars website.  Each year the course is available to register on in the Spring but prior to that you are able to register your interest with the ECB site in order to receive notification from them on when you can actually register on the course itself.  Having completed the U5 season all that attended receive a membership renewal from us in order to remain members.  The All Stars programme at The Wimbledon Club is only for the U5 age group.

Age groups follow the school academic year:  

U5 - Reception, U6 - Year 1, U7 - Year 2, U8 - Year 3, U9 - Year 4, U10 - Year 5, U11 - Year 6, U12 - Year 7, U13 - Year 8, U14 - Year 9, U15 - Year 10

General Information:

Junior Cricket Programme:  Junior Information Pack 2019 

Club Info:  Coaching Philosophy  &  The Role & Responsibility of a Cricket Club        

Pitch Maps/Directions:  Pitches   Junior & Senior match information:  2019 Cricket Year Book

Winter Programme 2019-20

Autumn and Winter nets are available to both members and non members with Sunday general nets sessions for the U6-U12 age groups and on Mondays and Fridays we offer Specialist Courses specifically for batting and bowling using both soft and hard balls, for the U9+ age groups.

The Autumn nets courses start from 30th November and run for 10 weeks with a 1 week break during half term.

Full details of all autumn courses and bookings are via the camps website - to view the details / make a booking now, just click on the link:  http://www.twccricketcamps.com.  All our holiday camps are also booked via this site.

Junior Cricket Season:  

( 2019: 23rd April to 5th August)

Our practice sessions are scheduled for the age groups of U10+ (ie years 5 - 10) as it was apparent that there were only two possible options for many of our juniors in a given week i.e. Practise or Play a League Match. This doesn’t bode well for the development of players so an adjustment has been made to the offering to allow practice and match play in the same week.  Additionally our Girls section has moved into the next stage of growth with the girls matching the boys section on practice days for age groups, having more match play and equivalent subscription fees. Practice sessions take place at the Club and the weekly practice schedule is shown in the table below.